BOLD MYNDS Productions is a mentorship experience that focuses on motivating youth to embrace their creative side.  MYNDS is an acronym which stands for Maximizing Youth’s Nobility, Drive & Success. We encourage young people to be bold and motivate them to pursue what they want and not let anything or anyone hold them back.  With thought-provoking activities delivered in a manner that drives youth to be who they are, do what they love, and think for themselves, BOLD MYNDS is bound to make a difference in their lives. Creative arts is what we specialize in, to help bring exposure to one’s true, organic passions.  BOLD MYNDS Productions uses the arts and other creative strategies to bring youth together and build lifelong qualities that can be used in their respective life journeys.  Our focus is to expose them to non-traditional careers and activities that many do not consider.


BOLD MYNDS Productions was founded by Soledad Maurice, a New York native and entrepreneur who has a background in the entertainment industry, a Master’s degree in Education, accompanied by a Bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Services. Maurice has always taken an interest in children and followed her passion by starting Soledad Maurice Innovations (SMI), LLC in 2015 which is her umbrella company. In 2018,  Maurice created BOLD MYNDS which will be the first company under the SMI umbrella.  With the combination of her profound experience in the entertainment industry, theatrical/film production, and in education, where she was rated a highly-effective teacher, Soledad Maurice has found a way to utilize her experiences to help make a difference in the lives of the youth.