Our Featured Experiences:

BOLD Conversations

The BOLD Conversations is a series of interviews with thought-provoking individuals in various creative careers. Our first session was held on April 27, 2018, with DJ Sparkx, Cardi B’s official DJ as our special guest. Sparkx spoke about the importance of education and staying on the road towards your goals. We are all artists in our own way, and keeping our youth in tune with their creativeness will help build a better nation. Spending time away from your true calling can, and will be detrimental.
Many of us bring our children up telling them things like, “Do something else; you won’t make money doing that.” “This field is where the money is; become a _____ and you will make more money.” With these words, we restrict them and often they are coerced into thinking that these things that may make them the most money were really their calling, when in reality, it sets them up to be miserable, and worst of all, they don’t get the chance to explore any other options. With proper guidance and the exposure to alternatives, youth can decide for themselves. Having celebrities, and high-profile individuals who are positive influences speak to our youth, a difference can be made and it may even change their lives. If they are not exposed to information or even certain life experiences, how will they know their options? How will they maximize their potential? And how will they become a Noble, Driven and Successful individual in this world, and not be another statistic? This is why we call it the BOLD experience; it goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. It’s mentors like those of BOLD MYNDS that will lead and inspire youth to challenge themselves to take that extra step and walk into their destiny, boldly owning every part of their dignity.
Music Mixing and Recording

In the summer of 2018, BOLD MYNDS partnered with DreamCatcher Entertainment located in East Meadow, NY. This was where the youth of BOLD MYNDS had the opportunity to learn about music engineering and mixing. Our youth gained hands-on experiencing recording, writing their own songs and performing, taught by an industry professional, Joe Targove. The youth was able to record the BOLD MYNDS new theme song. They created the instrumentals, the lyrics, and full sound. With the amazing assistance of Joe, the students were able to produce two songs.

Sheena’s Books For Thought Book Club

The mind is a powerful thing. Why not continue to grow throughout the summer with some interesting, thought-provoking books?! This book club is lead by Sheena Esther, a recent graduate from SUNY Old Westbury with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. This session was held in the month of July and August 2018. The youth was able to successfully complete the book “In Order to Live” by Yeonmi Park.

A note from Sheena:
“Sheena’s Books for Thought is a space that encourages open discussion and the use of natural, analytical skills for self-growth and overall community involvement. Our group dives head first into books from the classics to modern-day, contemporary authors in various genres, that aim to spark creative thoughts and interesting questions. Books and topics are not only chosen by me but, also include random drawings from member suggestions every other month. We build themes around ideologies and discuss concepts that are relevant to today’s societal issues while still enjoying all that’s offered through classic storytelling in books. We meet twice a month and keep conversations flowing through our interactive group chat and other various platforms weekly. Sheena’s Books for Thought through BOLD MYNDS provides an extra layer of exposure that may surpass books normally read in the classroom. Here, we promote stepping outside of social norms and constructs to provide a deeper sense of understanding from the characters presented in writing. You don’t need to be an avid reader to be a part of our eclectic bunch. We invite readers of all levels to engage in the lifelong, beneficial relationship that is reading. Hope to see you there!” ☺
Our Exclusive Experiences:

The Peoples Film Festival-A Virtual Reality Experience:

BOLD MYNDS heard a group of panelists speak about the development of VR Films. The youth had the opportunity to learn and explore more about gaming, tech, art and much more. During this trip, some of our youth took the subway for the FIRST time! We taught them proper etiquette while traveling and using public transportation.

Good Morning America (GMA) Summer Concert Series feat. NE-YO:

College was out for the summer, school testing was done, and BOLD MYNDS was able to start off the summer experiencing NE-YO live in concert!

Know Your Worth Workshop:

BOLD MYNDS participated in the necessary dialogue with men and women about vision and worth. This event taught them to be bold, focus on their vision and not allow anyone or anything to get in the way. This event, just like all others, definitely fit our mission and vision for our youth.

Criminal Justice and Reform:

BOLD MYNDS participated in a community event where Criminal Justice professionals spoke about the effective ways of making changes in the community. The youth had the chance to experience an actual car stop workshop, where volunteer law enforcement professionals acted out real-life scenarios with our teens. Our teens also had the opportunity to reverse the role to get the full experience. This provided them the clear understanding of the law and taking proper precautions when out in the real world.

iHeart Health & Wellness Expo feat. Dr. Oz:

BOLD MYNDS got the opportunity to see Dr. Oz and a host of others up close and personal speak about health and wellness. They were able to get hands-on experience learning about all the benefits of taking care of yourself mentally and physically.

Dorney Park and The Wildwater Kingdom:

BOLD MYNDS partnered up with another youth group to take them to a theme park.

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